Mediation is much faster than litigation and because of this it is less costly too.  Unlike litigation, the parties involved in mediation are always in control of the process and the outcome.  With mediation there is never a loser in the dispute.  In-fact the point of mediation is to find win-win solutions for the parties involved.






There certainly is a place for litigation in the family courts system. However, family court is inherently adversarial and stressful to those involved.  This stress has an impact on the children of divorcing couples. Not every dispute needs to be litigated.  In fact, for family disputes involving children, the courts now recognize that litigation is NOT always the answer.  Mediation naturally respects the needs of the children involved, and this fact is changing the landscape for dispute resolution for family matters. This change will only benefit our children and the most important relationships they have with their primary care providers and family members.


In Alberta, our court system is now looking much closer at the use of mediation for family disputes.  On August 1, 2018, Alberta’s Court of Queen’s Bench made the following assertion in their Announcement for Consultation in respect to the use of mediation; “It is in the best interests of the children that parents resolve family matters without Court intervention, wherever possible”.  This assertion should inform those in such disputes that mediation should be considered a viable option for dispute resolution with significant benefits for all those involved.

Mediation is a process used to resolve conflictual

relationships of all kinds.  Willow Maven Mediation specializes in Interest-Based mediations which is client-centered and collaborative.  This form of dispute resolution uncovers the issues that are at the heart of the dispute. Through this discovery process the common ground needed to reach a resolution can be found.  Mediation is voluntary, confidential and requires the parties involved to be open to the perceptions and perspectives of the other parties.  To be successful in mediation, the mediator must have skills in facilitation and consensus building. In addition to this they should also have specialized education in the field of mediation they practice, they should have formal mediation experience, and meet the qualifications of a practicing member of their professional association by receiving their Qualified or Chartered Mediator designation (Q.Med/C.Med.), through a regulated process by ADRIA and ADRIC as well as AFMS.


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